Monster Inside

November 12, 2016

We're all monsters...

Monsters searching, still searching

For a new victim to devour

I can not begin to explain the terrors I've seen

With this new wisdom I've encountered


Lurking, ever so quietly in the shadows

I could never drop this veil

My own self-conscious is hollow

Tapping the keys...writing my failures


I can't show my true self

Declining slowly, 

There goes my health

Left in the dark, lonely


I'm disgusted by this

What is this that have I become

Still a fragment of my wounded heart

Desperately wants to embrace

This deep, dark part me


Every day I mask myself

With a fresh, friendly face

So my loved ones

See me for who I once was...

It's becoming more bleak


Thoughts spiralling into 

Intricate arrays of disaster

Would this ruin their image

Of this darkness lurking in my soul?


Some days I just want to drop dead

But why should I part?

There is still hope to feed off of

Still countless angels to avenge


Inside us, this brokenness...

Our demons will presson on

Until we fall hoplessly

Clinging onto a non-existent edge


The only option available at the time

Could it be I must surreneder?

Or so you thought... 

Take this as a reminder

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