November 16, 2016
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Wallace takes too much from the river
You’re suppose to wait to take from the river
But Wallace started before most even think about taking.

One day Wallace asked me if I wanted an adventure
So I said sure
We went to the river and it was a lot more enjoyable than I thought it would be.

The trips to the river become more frequent with my friend Wallace
And we never thought that the river would become our favorite place
But it did.

Once Wallace told me his Dad came down to the river all the time
But Wallace’s Dad came more often than I ever did,
It’s all he really did.

Wallace and I started going to the river a lot more as the year went on
Before school and after school
We went to the river too much.

One time I called Wallace to see if he wanted to go to the river and he didn’t respond
So I went down by myself
And Wallace was already there.

Wallace had stayed at the river though whole night and fell asleep
He wasn’t waking up
And he wasn’t going too.

My Grandfather always took from the river 
My Mom never wanted me to find out
I wish she told me.

I don’t go to the river anymore
I don’t want to go to the river anymore
Because we can’t go to the river anymore. 

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