Devils among Monsters

November 10, 2016
By DreamsandChanges SILVER, Gilford, New Hampshire
DreamsandChanges SILVER, Gilford, New Hampshire
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Favorite Quote:
"In the end we are all just chalk lines on the pavement anyway"
-5 fingure death punch

A dark night the moon visible from behind the swirling clouds.
Shining a spotlight on the monsters and ghouls,
Chasing the promise of sweets.
At a time when the fear of strangers no longer evident.
Boredom sets in as you watch your brother run,
From house to house,
In his ridiculous monster costume.
But soon the brat will be in bed,
And you can leave in your angel costume,
To the party your friends are throwing.
The captain of the football team is rumored to appear,
Hopefully he will notice you.
  “Come on kid,”
You say to the miniature vampire next to you,
  “It’s time to go home.”

At home, with your brother in bed,
You add the finishing touches to your costume
Before racing out the door, without your mother noticing.
You’re showing too much skin, she’d say, do you want to look like a s***?
She doesn’t understand, it’s just a party, it's Halloween.
Rushing through the woods, you wonder if you should have taken the road,
But this way is faster, and you know it by heart.
At night the paths all look the same, shadows hide traps
And the trees reach out grabbing at your wings, leaving long scratches on your arms.
When you’re roughly stopped short,
You realise too late
Shadows can hide the devil.

And that's the last they ever saw their angel.

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