Broken Heart

November 9, 2016
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The darkness, I can barely see
I plunge into the cement wall heart first mind second
And then I hear the first crack
The sound of love morphing into poison, aching
Turning my bones to pieces of regret and sorrow
Here comes the second crack and I begin to see
I see my skull, shattered by the oblivion that was right in front of me
When the third crack reaches me I beg for it to hold on
I say to my legs, “don’t run away, give me something to believe in”, but its too late
Right at that moment the 4th crack slips through the pain as though it is teasing me
Mocking me for not being strong
I feel my hands start to shake, praying they can hold onto something,
That’s when the fifth crack emerges from the dark and I begin to scream at my veins
Begging them to tie what’s left together
Keeping me from falling apart
But it’s too late
When the final crack splits the two in half and they fall to the floor,
My heart is shattered.

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