Let Go

November 9, 2016
By ArtsyAuthor PLATINUM, Oakland, New Jersey
ArtsyAuthor PLATINUM, Oakland, New Jersey
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We all know
Of our parents hand
Of which that we all
Have to let go
When we lived through childhood
Our ignorance was bliss
Ignorant to the world
Ignorant to life
Ignorant to the hand
Which had kept us
From our illusory freedom
That hand had also
Caressed us
Cared for us
Held us in their embrace
We were ignorant
To the fact
That the hand
We must let go
Youth arrived
In clothes of maturity
And rebellion
We thought as much
That we had lives of our own
At some times we remember
Of our child’s heart
Of which we did not know
The true love of our parents
Of which we didn’t know
How to properly love back
Some times
We wished to fight back
And desperately wish
That those hands were
Our choice to let go
Then was adulthood
When the flower blooms at last
The bird must leave the nest
And taste the world
That’s when we finally
Let go
Perhaps years go by
When one marries
And sees their own children
And remember
When they were as young
We remember that
Whatever we did
Our parents would remain faithful
No love on earth
Would be greater
Than that of a parent’s
When the time comes
We will remember
How numb we were
Of the time when
We had to let go
Through all those years
Broken hearts and fallen tears
We never had to let go
We can never imagine
The scars on the parents’ heart
Which they pretended was healed
Caused by the time
Of which we had to let go
There comes a time
When we remember
Of our parents’ hand,
Of which we had to let go

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