The Beginning of the End

November 9, 2016
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Everyone's always sucked into their phones
Endless texts, pictures, and emojis
It's all such bologna
We don't understand our mobile interactions are so phony
They're all a bunch of fantasies and lies
Cause when we're out in public
We can't even look each other in the eyes
People walk through the streets
Ignoring the homeless like their trash
Because to them they're just shadows
Begging for a little cash
When is all the war and the hate gonna stop
Everyone is fighting for their chance to be on the top
No one cares about the real s***
The hunger, pain and drugs
Everyone just wants to forget it
What about the little kids growin up without a family
The people standin on the edge wonder
"Is anyone even gonna miss me?"
Asking Siri what's the best way to tie a noose
So many people diebeveryday from their trauma and self-abuse
But all we care about is the bull**** that we hear on the news
Rappers write rhymes about partyin with strippers
Teaching kids it's alright to worry about nothin but her figure
This entire country is built off of power and cash
My point to this is not that im trying to be crass
But it's the reality of our past, present, and our future
And if nothing changes any sooner
Who knows what's gonna happen to this beautiful country,
F***, this beautiful world
Excuse me
Make America great again?
We were ever really there?
All around us I see people who don't even care
We make up a lot numbers, just a bunch of little specks
Tossed away
Trying to add zeros to their paychecks
Might as well replace our hearts with dollar signs
Who cares if they're  beating, sometimes we're worth more if we're dying
The poor get poorer and the rich get richer
All it ever does is make me sicker
People still get turned away due to the color of their skin
Does history just repeat itself again and again?
Little girls learn to paint their faces instead of pictures
Grow up and lose all of their self-respect
Nine months later
Got a baby up against her chest
We watch movies about zombies and the apocalypse
We're gonna keep losing brain capacity if we don't stay on top of this
Where is all the love
People look up above
Seeking some kind of guidance
But could it all be inside of us?
We each to put in our own kind of effort
If anything is ever gonna get any better
And it needs to start now
Not tomorrow or the next day
If we don't start soon we'll be on our way
to the end of our humanity
back to the beginning
Just a bunch of insanity
We never know what moment could be our last
So we best start doing something before the future becomes the past

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