Song and Paint and You

November 9, 2016

Lyrics draw to mind a picture of a person,
Deep meaning is dark lines, shadows written in the melody,
Shading you so I can read in between the lines and understand.

A drawing is like a song, so
What is the music for what this picture is? This
Artistry of  life, a movie of some kind of fantastical journey
A mockery of my focus because in this theater
I can't keep my eyes on the screen nor can I look away,
Enraptured, I stay.

Notes are color, bright and dark, and
shadow and light, and
We’re in the shadow of a declaration before action, I
Know your importance but are held back from expression by
Little shards of doubt and embarrassment, I want to
Sing the song of you and us and see how you hear it, because
Everyone’s music plays unique.

You are in color, a
Picture of details I want to memorize,
Not black and white but every other shade in the world, the light
Of curiosity behind eyes with a tilt of the head, a side look that
Asks “What are you doing?”
But under that look is a deeper question,
“Why look at me?”
You catch my glances, sometimes you see me.
What you miss, blind, is how closely I look.

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