Late Agian

November 9, 2016
By , Grand rapids, MI

Late Again         like always I was late for school, but this time It went totally wrong. It was another normal  day I woke up and I sprinted out of my bed and into the bathroom. I brushed my teeth then I put on my cloths and last my shoes then went to school.     I arrived to school just In time for breakfast when I got inside the cafeteria It smelled like I was in a restaurant.  The breakfast the school makes Is so good that It makes me feel like never going to class and just stay there and eat the delicious food they make. I enter  the cafeteria then everyone stared at me, I felt like I did a crime, so I got my breakfast and seat In a empty table minding my own business.     The bell rang so I got up and threw my plastic plate away and went to class. As I was walking I heard a group of girls giggling and staring at my shoes I thought that they were thinking that my shoes looked funny. I finally got to my locker and I was so tired, I felt like I was coming out of the gym and doing a lot of push ups, my leg felt like noodles, I was so tired. I went to the bathroom and i look down to see why people staring at me  like a clown , when I looked down I was shock!             I was terrified I never notice that I was wearing to different  shoes each one was different one was blue and the other was black. I felt my face burning hot and turning red and said to myself “ that’s why people was staring at me “  how can I be so blindness I said to myself. I was shame of myself  I felt like if I was to go out the bathroom my head would explode. I ran out of the bathroom and went straight to  the office, I told the principal that i put on two different shoes,   she called my parents and I went home and was relief that it was all over and I promise myself that I would wake up early everyday so It won’t happen again.

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