November 9, 2016

It was a normal Tuesday to begin.
Me hanging out with my friend Ricky. It’s was about 10:00pm now.
Pitch black engulfed the room,but then the TV turns on with a flash.    It showing a news chopper and it doesn’t good.
The man said, “There has been outbreak!”

We started to panic because we’ve seen all of the movies, but now it’s coming true.
We ran down all the halls screaming. We boarded up the windows and doors.
We got scared especially because the phone stopped working so their was no way to communicate.

Then “smash!” bits of wooded blizzard through all around.
”There getting in!” I scream as the fish tank crashed to the floor. Ricky said ”let's go down stairs out the exit!”
I thought about it but was caught off by the screeching infected people. 

When we got down there and tried it and it was more stuck than gum under a lunch room table.
With a loud burst that sounded like a truck the smashed down stairs.
”We’re going to die!” Ricky yelled his he hid in the corner.
As storms of zombies walled though all of the debris.

As we are about to be eaten I hear”WAKE UP!” Mr. Chase says as smacked the table. When I finally got up I was flabbergasted.
I thought I was about to be eaten.
Something I learned that day is to not fall asleep in class.

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