Late Night Call

November 9, 2016

Have you ever got one of those late night calls
When you know it's nothing good so your heart falls
One after the other, pill after pill
They say she had lost her will
She was a quiet soul 
So no one knew about the depression or its emotional toll
The pain she must have been feeling
She must have felt there was no way for dealing
With the pain that she had held in for no one knows how long
She had tried to be strong
The pain which took the place of what was once my heart
Has started to tear me apart
Such a loving and precious friend
My love and memories along with comfort to her parents I wish to send
But how how can I
How do you comfort someone who had to see their daughter die
The void which she once had filled will always be empty from here on
Because my buddy, my best friend is gone
The regret along with emptiness and questions that fill my mind
I will try to to put them behind
Behind me but I thought how does one recover from such an event 
To which you are destroyed to such an extent
My life from here on out
Is going to be dealing with those things in my mind along with all the doubt
Doubt of was I there for her? Did I listen to what she really had to say? Did I see the signs but just shove them aside
Could I have saved her before she died?
That's a question I will never know the answer to
So I have to keep going just like she'd want me to try to do
Do better whatever it was that to her I failed at
Because of this all, I strive to be a better person something she always encouraged me to do.
So that has become my purpose now, to do what she always wanted me to
That I promise to from here on out to do

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