Always secure your phone

November 9, 2016
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Always Secure Your Phone
Like every monday I had been at the gym.
Accompanied by my friend.
We had just got done lifting when he had started walking towards the mirrors,
“C’mon you can flex later” I yelled
as the treadmill fired up

BEEP! The treadmill shifted as it started.
2, 4, 6, 8, 10 the machine slowly started up.
Steadily cruising at 10 mile per hour.
About six and a half minutes in,
When something had decided to leap out of my pocket.

I had felt very presumptuous .
After i realized my phone had been in my pocket,
I had felt the consequence
after this sequence…
Then, I realized I had another problem.

FLOP! My phone splatted as it smacked against the treadmill.
THUMP! Went my rump against the ground.
This situation had turned out to be very lamentable
sitting there I hadn't felt very supercilious,
I’m just thankful my phone had been unscathed

As I layed there with a throbbing pain in my behind.
I had begun to realize why there was a pocket on the treadmill,
And at that time i had really wished to rewind
but it is okay because i had learned,
to keep my phone secured at all times.

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