Seek the Heights

November 11, 2016
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Began my quest a wide-eyed girl

so filled with hopes and dreams,

I sought Athena, goddess wise,

in all her great esteem.

My eyes set on the mount above,

Olympus so it's named,

and in my bones conviction struck

to reach that height so famed.

Poseidon's waves they lashed my feet

while Zeus launched bolts of light,

but hand to hand, foot over foot,

I climbed despite their might.

And finally I reached the peak

a woman proud and strong.

Then realization dawned; I was

Athena all along.

Discouragement along my trek

from wishers I would fail,

I proved them wrong, to them I showed

that women can prevail.

And all the girls both young and old

who wish their goals be true

must never cease to seek the heights.

Athena lies in you.

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