November 11, 2016
By La-la-La BRONZE, Squamish, New York
La-la-La BRONZE, Squamish, New York
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People seem to like you
I am clueless as to why
You were once my boss
Now you're a annoying fly
That fake smiles in crowds

You laugh and smile
Reminiscing about all the memories
With your favorite people
That you once called annoyances

Working again, workers all around
You happened to show up
When the work was all done
Bringing your most recent mini me
Cozying up to your higher ups
Chilling with frenemies
Who talk behind your back
When your in the room

Flipping locks of hair, showing your dimples
Twinkling eyes with batting eyelashes 
Always flirting with younger men
Or shall they be called boys
Offering candy so people will talk to you 

This year has been hard
Very very hard
Your brother died
I don't think I could survive
If my little brother died

Even though I hate you
I admire your pride and strength
Standing tall, no tears in your eyes

Fooling anybody with eyes
Your pain is still there though
Hidden behind that act

Laughing and smiling 

Dancing and Singing

Your nonstop reminiscing of past memories 

The author's comments:

I made this after seeing Her again

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