Their Eyes

November 11, 2016
By RileyAlana BRONZE, Allentown, Pennsylvania
RileyAlana BRONZE, Allentown, Pennsylvania
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His eyes, hard and brown, searched for her with an unrelenting gaze. Chocolate covered irises, surrounded completely by a white ball, shrouded with long, black lashes and tanned skin.
He was a realist, only seeing the logical approach, in a no nonsense way that she loved so much.
Straight and perfect as ever, his strong nose, along with the rest of his face, was cast downward in his failure to find the girl he loved.
No matter which direction he looked, left or right, up or down, his face was aesthetic and complemented the scenery of wherever he was.
When he talked, his dark pink lips moved fast, but without nervousness, in a slight accent that made her fingertips tingle.
She, who loved him, could have watched him all day, without him seeing her, but sadly, as always, class was dismissed by the sound of the bell.



He saw her watching him, her bright blue eyes quickly moving from his face to his shoes to his T-shirt.
At the sound of the bell, she hesitantly stood up, and as he watched, he realized how fragile and small she was.
Her eyes were outlined in black, her lashes were volumized and curled, as they were every day, and her face was blemish free.
As porcelain and perfect as could be, her skin stood out against the black makeup and blouse she was wearing.
She blended in with her surroundings, intentionally, for she believed that she was unworthy of being known.
Following her out of the room, he wonders if she feels the same.
A hand, grabbing her elbow, turned her around as they stood face to face.
Both grinning, saying the exact same thing: I love your smile.

The author's comments:

I witnessed this exchange and wrote about it.

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