Living lies

November 11, 2016
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She's running through this tangled forest
No hope to go back to
She sees the world
But she can't break free

The Ravens eyes watch her fall
No safety to run to
She can't hide behind her lies
She can't help but fall

That perfect smile
Hiding her shattered heart
Her eyes like a cats
Used to the darkness by now

Her faith is shattered
Her life a lie
No-one would notice
If she would just disappear

But who would I be
If I wasn't that person anymore,
If I couldn't hide behind my smile,
If I refused to look into the dark!

You see I've been burned
More times than I can count
I've shut down my heart
So no one can see who I am

If I were to disappear
I doubt anyone would cry,
I doubt they would search for me
I doubt they would care

You see I've only seen their dark sides
I've never seen the light
So if you try to find me
Don't cause I'll never let you close

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