November 10, 2016
By Anonymous

Crouched in the shadows,

ready to pounce,

to attack,

to kill.

Waiting, for its moment,

its moment to arise,

to end the pitiful life of its foe,

and rise to its rightful,


Preparing, preparing for war,

for the time of clashing swords,

and mournful deaths,

and the taste of the best,

the best form of,


Attacking, attacking its enemy,

ripping out its throat,

rotting its foe from the inside,


Death, so much beautiful death,

the death of your future,

the death of your innovation,

the death of your success,

all because you listened to,


The author's comments:

I had just turned in my math test when I started doubting how well I had done. My teacher instructed me to do something productive so I took out a sheet of paper and thought about how well I did. That little monster doubt was in my head whispering in my ear about how bad I had done and that's when I realized that the only thing holding me back was my doubt and that in order to succed in life I had to let go of that doubt and take on life head on. 

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