San Elijo Road

November 10, 2016
By Anonymous

On San Elijo road,

there sits a tree. 

A tree nestled in many, many,

stucco colored buildings. 

If you look at this tree,

at just, the right moment,

you'll see somthing,

something that will inspire, hope,





if you look at this tree,

at its thin slender branches,

and watch,

just watch,

at how the sun's rays cast,

warrmth, scaring away shadows,

at how its bent willowy branches,

bow down to the sun's power. 

You'll start to see, a mutual agreement,

an alliance,

between the tree and the sun.

The tree following the sun,

the sun leading the tree,

till they find their destination,



with only the tree,

you have no contrast, 

with only the sun,

you have no balance,

but together,

together, the tree and the sun,

create somthing so,


They form something,

soft on the eyes,

but warming to the heart,

they form something peaceful to the mind,

but riveting to the soul.

Together the tree on San Elijo road,

is more than just a tree,

it is an outlet for my troubles,

for my worries,

for my weight.

The tree on San Elijo road,

offers tranquility,

to all of those who need it.

The author's comments:

I was litterary walking to my friends car after school when I walked past a tree squeezed between two buildings with the sun shining behind it. And I felt an unatural urge to express the connection I had momentarily felt in that spot. 

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