Love Trumps Hate

November 10, 2016

I am a young women, age fifteen.
And I just earned the right to scream,
To share my voice and to be seen,
To make a difference at eighteen,
But he plans to intervene.
To stomp me into smithereens,
Take my choice away from me,
And force me to my hands and knees.

But I can’t say I have it worst,
Because in his eyes my race comes first,
Blonde hair, blue eyes, pale skin, the works,
Raised catholic every day in church.

I go to school in CPS,
No one minds the way I dress,
No bandana, hijab, or bright orange vest,
But still a target of trumps conquest.
He smiles and lies to his abilities best,
His ideals show people of color oppressed,
Yet hundreds follow upon request,
And maybe it's my fault I've never taken a step,
Put my foot down, spoke up or began a protest,
Maybe I deserve his ill-gotten success,
Maybe as a woman I should be oppressed.

Or maybe as a woman I should stand for my rights,
Take down his kingdom of brainwashed knights,
Sing to America of my dreams to take flight,
And rip his campaign to the ground where I fight.
Maybe we should stand together and make right
Of a world taken over by republican might,
To celebrate the muslims, the blacks, and the dy**s,
And take back our land of freedom and lights.
He doesn't deserve control of our stars and stripes,
He doesn't deserve to steal away our rights,
We need to show him that we plan to ignite
A second civil war to amend our plight,
We’ll only stop when we can no longer fight,
But we will always fight to protect our life.

Trump may have won his president's seat,
But God knows he'll never have me beat,
Because we’ve seen what it's like to be under siege,
By a man with psycho misogynistic dreams.
We as citizens of America can see,
That his legacy will go down in history,
But not for his wall or his pro-life pleas,
But for the way we will demolish his presidency.

-Love Trumps Hate-

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