America, Put on Some Glasses

November 10, 2016
By , Santa Rosa, CA

I voted, yes I did, I didn’t vote for red or blue
Imma be honest I don’t like this trend, a spiraling hurricane of arguing idiots
You think they care about me and you

Yes I’m talking about the government
I ain’t proud to be american
Wasn’t then wasn’t now!

I’m disappointed yet again but what did I expect!
I knew either way that it wasn’t going to end well
This is hell!
In a matter of speaking, not literally, because I know there’s
Many people right now who have it worse than me!

Am I surprised a little yeah, but
All I can do is shrug and say
Don’t get me wrong I’m not apathetic
Or an anarchist

I’m just looking at this situation with another pair of glasses

I’m just going to be rollin’ with these knock out punches

Who know’s what ‘s gonna happen?


Good or bad
Throwing a fit ain’t gonna do s***
We need to work together
If  we’re ever gonna get through this weather

It’s ain’t about talk it’s about action
Who cares what they said
This is bullshit
Now I ain’t for Trump but I’m sure as hell not for Clinton
I’m for the country
Do you know what I’m sayin’
Ya’ll are protestin’ and moaning
Yeah I don’t like this either
But we need to work through this
It’s gonna be hard yo
Come hell or high water yo, we’re gonna do this


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