November 11, 2016
By ClassyCookie SILVER, New York, New York
ClassyCookie SILVER, New York, New York
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Oh, humans.

You are funny creatures. You love that which kills you and destroy that which you cannot live without; you crave change, but lack the desire to make it; your unrelenting pursuit of knowledge has no boundaries, not even the crimson threshold of human life.

And you claim that it will get better — that the world you create today will serve the children of tomorrow — and you turn a blind eye to the fact that there will be no tomorrow.

You, who built the cities on your backs, have taken the trees to do so.
You have murdered, have watched the greatest beasts to fall to your hand, have seen the light wither in their eyes, and rejoiced.
You have feared what you cannot comprehend, and concluded that it deserves to die.
You have allowed the murderous sun to stroll along our glaciers and ice caps in the name of those who will be.

And do they not need oxygen? Can your children drink blood and eat the money you kill for? Can they live off pesticides and brightly colored chemical tubes?

Shame on you, humanity. Shame on you.

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