Timmy Timmy TImmy Tebow

November 9, 2016
By Ryanpolito BRONZE, Bloomingdale, New Jersey
Ryanpolito BRONZE, Bloomingdale, New Jersey
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Favorite Quote:
"Donald Trump is our president and that is no bueno."

Tim Tebow is on the Mets

Is he the nest Mookie Betts?

                                           What's next?

He was a member of the Jets

He will quit baseball to join the Brookly Nets

                                            What's next?

If you are smart don't place a bet

Because you will soon know that you got wrecked

                                             Will he come back?

His arms are too big for the MLB he's jacked

He sucks at football, that's pretty whack

                                              Will he succeed?

A successful career is all he needs

Not a career in which he will bleed

Don't be like Josh GOrdon, who smokes the weed

                                               I believe in Tim

THee is no one who will be more successful than him

The author's comments:

I love tim tebow

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