Fantasy Island

November 9, 2016
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The smell of the ocean
Bright Lights, flashing colors and children screaming.
Ryan and I prayed for pokemon
While Tom preyed on little girls.
The hunt of a lifetime.
Searching high and low for pokemon.
While Tom searched for girls.
Pokeballs launched, hurled and thrown.
Bottoms nestled on the sidewalk.
Tom insults “Hey Losers let’s get girls not pokemon”.
The pokehunters acerbate.
Fed up with his behavior, the two introduce him.
His straight face transforms into a bright grin, excitement fills him.
“All good things come to an end” Tom exclaims.
Ring, Ring Ring. My phone is buzzing in my lap.
It;s the notorious little girl hunter, Tommy D.
A black figure appears out of the darkness,
Dim headlights shine through the misty air. Tinted windows that eyes could not penetrate.
An ominous odor leaking from the cracked window.
Muffled screams heard; was it the radio? We still don’t know.Tom fully opens the window.
Chest hair protruding out of the collar of his shirt.
Stale pizza permeates out of his mouth
“Hello ladies, want a ride”.
I was in the back, Ryan shotty and Tom sealing our fate behind the wheel.
One of the little girls had an eye out for him; the littlest I may add.
I was focused deeply on pokemon go. The girl kept hinting for Tom.
To skidaddle into the back. Time for me to take matters into my own hand.
“Get in the back! WINK! WINK!”
We fearful, quickly obeyed Tom.
We look back at him and see him making his move.
Calm down! Stop! Don’t do it!
He ignores us and continues sucking face with her.
Track stars eyes fixed onto the pavement
Heroically wanting to end this night and bring everyone home.
I felt so safe, Oh so safe with Ryan at the wheel.
The madden mobile god puts the pedal to the metal
Not allowing Tom to seal the deal.
Little did we know they lived a block away from me.
Talk about awkward.
We arrive, Ryan unlocks the door and lets them free.
However this was not enough for Tom he wanted more.
Tom makes a move towards the house
Rejected! Like a bad fake I.D.
I exit the car grateful to be alive.
Ryan and I don't like to talk to this day about those events that happened.
But we need the world to hear our voices.
Or else the world may never know

Based on true events
The girls were 16

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