I am. . .

November 8, 2016
By RebeccaWlson BRONZE, Edwards, Colorado
RebeccaWlson BRONZE, Edwards, Colorado
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I am from the ultimate powder days,
and disheartening tight buckle boots

From revealing spandex,
and sweaty knee pads.

I am from labored vocals,
and complex sheet music

From, stereotypically, venti starbucks,
and knock off ugg boots

I am From the Giggle Squad, the Improvisers,
and TaDaBe

From the house with the one white strip on the garage,
and four equilateral box designs, as crisp as snow with the sun reflection

I am from the abnormal sized rock in the corner of the garden,
and the plants with leaves as a jungle, for someone under 4’ 10”

From strawberry bushes where you took just one
and only when you got home from school

I am from bountiful highlighted brown hair
and deep hazel eyes

From the Masons,
and the Wilsons

I’m from the prodigious meat pies,
and antarctic pineapple lumps

From desert before bed each night,
and regular “what comes around goes around” lectures

I am from unspoken Christianity,
and “bad shown” Judaism

I am from crowded Vail ski resorts,
and New Zealand Zoos

From the reassuring you are my sunshine song,
and back scratches that put us to sleep each night

I am from Banana Bread that soothed our mouths each month,
and homemade Noodle Kugel at every thanksgiving

From love,
and most importantly, respect

From valuable memories posted on the surrounding walls,
and laughter stained in our minds and love holding our hearts captive.

I am from . . .

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