Moving In

November 8, 2016
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He who gazes upon me in such a way, I feel as if I am lost
As if your glances are not meant for me
And I am led astray
But it is I who you single and I who you invest your time
Making a home in my heart
Which none have ever done

Too heavy my heart remains
Beating in such an odd fashion
What do you long for, I wonder
I no longer wish your forgiveness
For I believe I have finally received it
The light that illuminates inside his eyes
It makes me believe I am safe
And calm
And here

I visited my old thoughts
Cooped up in my cellar of a mind
And found the old photographs of you
The smiles and frowns
The disappointment when I said goodbye
I promise now things will be different
And the only goodbye will be when I sleep

A man with his own beliefs
Strong and secure
I still see through your walls
And wonder if I’m ever inside
Inside your head like you are mine
Dancing, leading me towards something foreign
I wish to know how it ends

He always seems to be a mystery
One day like I remember and the next a stranger
It gets to me in ways I cannot express
But I am not to judge
Because I still hold onto the parts of us
You wish not to show
Cherishing what we used to be
And knowing that somehow it can be again
But maybe once I fill that hole you left
The hole you called home.

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