November 8, 2016
By RaneishaP SILVER, Willingboro, New Jersey
RaneishaP SILVER, Willingboro, New Jersey
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3 am
My eyes lullabied the desire of rest
So I decided to write you my heart
Tried to call but just can’t dial,
My fingers twitched as I pressed the 6,
Trembled as the 0 appeared,
Cramped before I could type in the 9

Professing all my love,
Confessing all my wrongs,
It’s you that I want

Some say,
“No climb too high when you want it,
No valley too low when you want it”
Still, it’s you that I want

End of the Earth is my destination,
With only the urge of making it alright,
Making us alright
It’s you that I need

You say I made you feel like everything you did wasn’t enough,
But it’s my own insecurities,
They’ve gotten the best of me
It may be too late, yet I still hold on to what once was

I am going under insomnia
Up all night, need my mind to rest
But it’s lost,
Lost in the thought of you not here
I called your name,
I swear I heard a reply, just the memories I have on repeat

All wounds heal in time
But you left with the scars before they had the chance
Missing a good thing now that it’s gone,
Unsure of the right, now I know that this is all wrong
Undone, empty,
I need you to come back,
Refresh my heart, and keep me sane

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