Skate Boarding with a Bear

November 8, 2016
By ShadeSlayer12x BRONZE, Walker, Michigan
ShadeSlayer12x BRONZE, Walker, Michigan
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As soon as my parents had left,
Ashton came driving over the hill
in our golf cart with a mischievous grin plastered on his face.
I jumped on and off we went.
The leaves were just starting change and wind whispered through the trees.
After a while, I started to get worried that we were lost when,
He screeched to halt at the only asphalt road within ten miles of our campsite.
I jumped out skateboard in hand.
As soon as I was balanced on the board
he threw me a ski rope tied to the frame of the cart.
He then drove forward pulling me behind him.
Slowly he picked up until we reached the cart’s max speed when
He took a sharp turn and I felt my feet leave the board and the ground suddenly rushed up to meet my face.
Once I got up I felt a warm, sticky liquid on my knee.
Then to my surprise, I heard a growl and there towering over me was a black bear.
With fear overpowering the pain in my leg I sprinted to the cart.
“Are you ok?” Ashton stammered
GO! I shrieked
and with a look of surprise he gassed it and off we went.
Once we were well away I explained about the bear.
He said he turned to avoid a squirrel.
We both assumed the bear must have been chasing the squirrel.
That night when my parents were back they asked if anything had happened.
I replied with a nonchalant no then gave a slight wink to Ashton.
We’re never doing that again I whispered to him.
“Deal.” He replied.

The author's comments:

I made this for school hope you enjoy. :)

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