Liberty Island

November 8, 2016

WOW! I saw it, I saw the Statue of Liberty!
It’s like I was apart of history.
“Look Mom, look Dad! Look at the crowd.
I have never been so wowed.
I look over to see Grandpa, Grandma and Cody just as intrigued as me.

The boat was rocking back and forth.
As the people got off in the north.
The sun was scorching and shined bright in our eyes.
I felt like I was going to vaporize.
We jumped in line for the Statue of Liberty Crown Cafe.

I ordered some pizza.
And devoured it like a cheetah.
After lunch we went to the gift shop.
It was on the hilltop.
We purchased some shades, sunscreen and ice cold water.

The statue was enormous.
I thought I might need a harness.
They cried go up if you dare!
As we started to climb the stairs.

Even though it was hot,
It wasn’t our weak spot.
We still had fun in the sun.
As we got as tan as a cinnamon bun.

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