Late Night

November 7, 2016
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The night comes.
I get lost.
Lost in this world and all its pain.
Trying to run but not getting far
To realize these chains that trap my ankles inside
Not moving but being still
I try to get free
I start to panic  
I run
I fall
I crawl as fast as I can
Looking back
I’m not moving,
Here I lay,
In the middle of the road
Looking up
My face being hit from a glistening light
Seeing the moon knowing I’m not alone anymore
Stopping and thinking
Talking with the moon.
He talks to me about the sun as I talk to him about you
Confused, upset, why am I here?
I’m tired of being trapped inside my head
Slowly falling free
Sliding across the ground not understanding
I'm being dragged,
Dragged into the unknown
Stop I yell but I’m still sliding
It stopped I looked up the sun was breaking
It’s morning
I’m free until the sun falls again,
Behind the mountains of death

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