November 7, 2016
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You are you and you are mine
You are a masterpiece of what God has designed
And you show me that love could never expire
Because the feeling I feel with you is all anyone could desire

See the thing is, I am young
I’ve got a lot to give and a lot of life to live, but
My mother told me that when I find a man like you I should hold on,
Hold on like a little baby holding onto your finger with her whole hand and
Hold on like she held onto me 1999 March 15, and
Hold on like you do to me when I’m down and in need and
Watching you for absolutely no reason at all, just making our hearts feel warm..
That’s what makes my heart feel warm

A-and did you know that even when you stare off into the nonexistent space, my whole world goes blank and my heart goes to race, thinking of how love could actually taste

Biting into the trust, the hope, the faith
Sipping on cold nights and movies with frights
Just trying the flavor of commitment with you
These are just some of the things that I feel with you

Knowing that loyalty and royalty have two different price tags and the women who boast about the money, need to find them a new brag
Because when you find someone who’s so close to your heart
you could care less about a new bag or a price tag, and more time consumed with checking your phone twice, making sure he text back and overwhelmed with how he embraces you with no lack..
There of love

See it's things like this that make them think twice about our love
Think three times about our love
Our love is incomparable, indescribable
Our love is arguments and laughter
And joy and pain
Our love is stress
Our love is truth
Our love is test
Our love is you...
Make me want to pull my hair out
Our love is me telling you there’s no other person I’d rather run through hills with
Me telling you that you’re my kill chip
if you’re not here, who am I here with…

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