Love at its All Time Low

November 7, 2016

A relatable story that many girls know
A friend to her eyes, but to her mind he’s a foe
His looks like a drug, a poison that kills
Addicting as hell, from the way that she feels
He walks in the room, in the building, on the earth
The sharpness of his eyes brings a world of hurt
You know that he’s looking, you know that he knows
You want him to speak, he knows how it goes
He knows that you want him, he got your letter
He gives you no response, because he deserves better.
Your hart is broken, shattered on the floor
A lightning bolt of pain when you walk out the door.

A story of love, and a popular guy
He wants to give her words, but he’s shockingly shy
His stomach tied in knots from the color of her hair
Fear in his head, afraid to show that he’s there
She walks right past him with gloom in her eyes
He acts as though he doesn’t notice, but he knows that’s a lie
You want her to look, you want her to know
You want her to speak to you, but that’s not how it goes
You know that she wants you, you’ve gotten her letter
You gave her no response; you think she deserves better
Your hart is broken, Shattered on the floor
You care so much about her, you let her walk out the door

Both with a good intent, and love for one another
But don’t feel they are enough to be with each other
A story of love, a twist in the chain
An uneasy feeling, all they feel is pain
A happily ever after, something they will never know
A miss understanding, love at its all-time low.

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