Birthday Bonanza

November 7, 2016
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I got to the theatre and to my horror
Was the set piece i built
But with a major Error
It had collapsed on the floor
Then it fell some more
I spent 2 hours mending it
It sucked to spend my birthday
In the Orchestra Pit

All of the sudden I felt
A tag on my back
It was my favorite Camper,
Munching a Snack
“Come with me” she was eerie but commanding
“Its a suprise, you have to “ she demanded
After Hours and hours of feeling stranded
I was brought on stage
“ i deserve more than minimum wage”
“ Happy Birthday” The campers yelled with Balter and joy
I felt like a giddy child, receiving a toy

“You made my day better” I said
As my eyes got wetter

My camper handed me a letter
She ran off and i went to get her
But I stopped and studied the words with salutation
I dropped to the floor and thought
“I have the best job, no competition”
My camper came back, gave a sweet embrace
Then she scurried off and yelled “Wanna Race”
We ran and ran
Until i saw a card, addressed to Anne
“Thanks for being A great TA” it read

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