I Should've

November 6, 2016
By ShineOn PLATINUM, Sandy Hook, Connecticut
ShineOn PLATINUM, Sandy Hook, Connecticut
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Love without a lover is a bittersweet tsunami
You watch your heart
Your very being
You watch the pulsing waves of raw feeling shake free of gravity
Shake free of the mundane confines of the human body
They escape,
massless and regal
A swirl of Seafoam and sunlight mingling against the horizon
A lovely daydream indeed

But gravity only dawdles for so long
And those waves plunge surely into the shore
And hugs the places it was never meant to
and horrifying
but oh so beautiful

You watch as she spits back the remnants of the life that once roamed beneath her
before she had thought
before she had wanted
oh god she should have stopped wanting

She should’ve learned not to stray
to stay where she belonged
and let her waves seethe without consequence
a still whisper in the beauty of the world

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