Dial You Up

November 6, 2016
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When we first come together,

you're my whole world,

you're all I think about.

I want to dial you up,

hear every sound you make.

I talk about you

to all my friends,

and they groan

and complain how

they're not as fortunate as I.


All your useful features

improve my day to day.

I don't know how

I ever lived

without you.


You sing me to sleep

at night, and

You wake me up

every morning.

You know the answer

to every question I have, but

You are starting to bore me.


Our relationship is

brand new, yet I

already want an update.

The things that once pleased me,

now seem dull and slow.

We're in a lull, and I don't know

what to do.


Friends come along,

and brag about their models,

as I seethe in jealousy.

I want to run,

but we had a contract,

and I can't afford

to leave you.

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