Sunny Eyes

November 6, 2016
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Your eyes are the spitting image of the orange juicy spheres people like to call the sun,
Your eyes are the sunshine that used to brighten up mine,
Spilling rays of blinding perfection right into my stare.
My eyes are the void in winter midnights.
Two black holes of desire,
Drenched in pitch black darkness.
They used to look like yours; but that was once upon a time.
Before they took pieces from me,
Before each tear oozed down my cheek taking atoms of sunlight,
And honey brushes along with them away from my broken eyes.
You used to be my breath of fresh air after all the dust i swallowed.
You're like coming back to the surface after battling waves that wanted to drown me.
You saved me from the heart of a hurricane i was trapped in.
Because your eyes used to be the sun that made my night flame up into sunrise.
Your penetrating stare and whispers of fresh air,
Blew the clouds away.
You gave me back every string of honey diffused into hazel my eyes held once upon a time.
I was lost inside a maze of my own,
Until i saw flames of daylight sneaking out of somewhere dark.
And that was the first time i saw you.
I saw the sun rising for the first time since what it seems like forever.

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