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a watercolor world This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.

a black and white world
colorless, harsh
shades of slush and ice
wouldn’t it be nice if we had a little blue?
a little rain from this dreary old sky

a blank paper world
faceless, flat
people unknown and unkind
wouldn’t it be nice if we had a soft yellow?
a little light from this trite, yawning sky

a crisp concrete world
unwelcoming, cold
buildings loom and sneer
wouldn’t it be nice if we had a patch of green?
a little spring in this crude, vulgar sky

a tired sad world
wrinkled, drained
a heartbeat that ceases to care
wouldn’t it be nice if we had a rosy red?
a little love in this stale, abused sky

a fighting back world
swirling, swollen
before the heavens break wide
and pour out a flood of blues, yellows, pinks
a little splash in a rouged canvas sky

a watercolor world
dancing, revived
blue kisses long lost love red
isn’t it nice to taste sweet purple rain?
a little lilac in cloudiest skies

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