Beauty and The Abused

November 5, 2016
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Bring forth tomorrow's expectations of the bitterness that seeks out the cherished,

And with that the greatness that is betowed upon your eyes with seeing beauty,

Not of itself but within itself,

Tomomorrow's beauty could be hidden behind the broken bread you feast upon when your stomach wishes you to eat,

Tomorrow's beauty could open itself to you in all,

Showing you the beauty that is within yourself.


Yes there will be ugliness that comes with it,

But do not let the temtations of the betrayal distract you from the thing you seek,

Look forth to see the amazing and the wonderful of today,

Because tomorrow's wonderful could put todays amazing to shame.


If you wish to see tomorrow and today with the light of the sunset,

Then open up your curtains and let the light gather around you,

Do not waste the forgiving time that you have,

Use the time that you have to hold onto the beloved people that you hold within your eyes,

Give them the time of day,

But only if they wish to earn it.


Do not let the unuseful lessons of nonforgiving sins take control of YOUR usefulness,

You are but a single living being,

A single living being who can change the outcome of others amazing and wonderfuls,

You are a being who can withold the loved and forgiven, the broken and the bruised.

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