There is a Time and Place for Everything

November 5, 2016
By CapitalofAwesome BRONZE, Taunton, Massachusetts
CapitalofAwesome BRONZE, Taunton, Massachusetts
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Do you ever wonder when and where it's the right place to break down in tears? If you do it in public, you receive pity. Or you receive arrogance. You're just seeking attention people will say. What if you scream at someone and tell them how much you despise them? You will be seen as insane if you do this in public. No one will respect you if you show your true self.

There is a time and place for everything. Remember this the next time you pull out a knife or a gun. If you want to end someone's life, or even your own, do it when no one is around. You don't want to reveal your true nature to the world. No one will understand you. You will just be frowned upon. You will be given no help and no pity. Only ignorance will fill the air and suffocate you with every breath.

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