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November 5, 2016
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salt, sea, carbon dioxide.
the scale barely falling but the concentration flying
inconspicuously out of control.
the culture of machinery b  u  r  n  i  n  g     c  o  a  l   .
it’s in the air, barely there, but there; suffocating our infinity.
the acid in the ocean, not noticeable to us, but to them.
s  l  o  w l   y       d   i    s    s     o      l       v      i        n        g     .
malignant carbonate, thinning shells; covertly diminishing our livelihoods.
how soon? decades? centuries?
i don’t know, maybe.
renewable choices?  sustainable lives?
i don’t know, maybe.
the smallest, the insignificants,
the most significant,
going,   g    o    n    e      .
they don’t see it, or maybe they just don’t care,
driving their nice cars, slaughtering forests, living on perpetual electricity.
everyone wants to change the world and they already have.
the   s   u   p   e   r   c   i   l   i   o   u   s , they don’t see it, but i do.
the  i  g  n  o  r  a  n  t  , they don’t see it, but i do.
most say it’s not pressing, some say it’s not real.
but it is,
and it’s our responsibility.

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