Remember When We Were Okay

November 4, 2016
By Ojewel SILVER, Portland, Oregon
Ojewel SILVER, Portland, Oregon
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Remember  that day when you and I stayed up late in the cabin, giggling at our Girl Scout leader
  when we figured out how to dim the lights in our bunks? We thought we were so cool
  because we were being rebellious as we stayed up until nine o’clock at night. 

When  our biggest problem was whether or not we would see each other before we had a
  meeting, and if we didn’t, what the other person had been up to for the time we’d
  been apart

We   didn’t, no, couldn’t imagine that the world was going to end up screwing us both over.
  Neither of us was prepared for the days of middle school, where we barely talked
Except for Sundays, when we’d (I, reluctantly, you, passionately) go to church, and sit
Together (sometimes) in the service. and we

Were   Even less prepared for high school. Where so much happened to you that I don’t even
  know how our friendship has survived. We’ve fought, gone silent, screamed and cried
  and Hell! I almost f***ing lost you so many goddamn times. And now, the one lie that
  we both spout at each other, is that we’re okay. And really, do either of us believe the
  other when we say that we’re


The author's comments:

I wanted to try writing a poem that had two meanings

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