I Was Raised By

October 20, 2016
By sylami BRONZE, Providence, Rhode Island
sylami BRONZE, Providence, Rhode Island
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"Why do I need to put in a quote?" -Sylami

Some cat lovin english teachin, off not off of sorta women.  Some meatloaf and mashed potatoes, pot roast and pilaf sort of woman. A smart, sweet, kind, sort of woman.  An “eat all of your spinach” sort of grandmother.

Some dark haired, Armenian sort of coach. Some sports lovin, baseball playin, football quarterback.  An awesome, funny, childlike sorta guy.  A practice makes perfect, “I’ll pay for it as long as it has to do with sports or academics” sort of father.

Some great job, superstar, supportive kind of women.  Some keep tryin, you can do it, cheerleader kinda woman.  Some amazing, hilarious, BFF sorta woman.  Some yogi, small but mighty sit up straight kinda woman.  Some put you phone down, I needa get a coffee, wanna get your nails done, “wacka wacka” sayin sorta mom.

Some in your face, loud, athletic, funny kinda little brother.  A basketball, soccer, and baseballin sorta brother.  A chorus singin, cartoon drawin, bird lovin, “look a european starling” sorta brother.

I was raised by family

The author's comments:

I hope you enjoy my poem! I'm not a poet, but I enjoy writing them.  

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