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Where I'm From

October 8, 2016
By wolfvomit PLATINUM, Jacksonville, Florida
wolfvomit PLATINUM, Jacksonville, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
“don’t fall slave to the serpent’s tongue”

I am from Disney Channel,
and Cartoon Network on Saturdays.
And Grandma visits on Sundays.
I'm from overgrown lawns,
and broken trees in an uprooted neighborhood.
They could've fixed it, but it was home.

I'm from hot chocolate from Waffle House.
It was always too hot.
I was never careful, I always burned my tongue.
I'm from Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers,
and "Tomorrow We'll Go to the Fair".
Raised on nursery rhymes and lullabies.

I'm from picking peaches in the spring,
and Japanese plums in the fall.
Selling them at the farmers market on weekends.
I'm from dandelions and wildflowers,
and fruit that grew in the front yard
of a long-forgotten home.

I'm from strong women,
and Vietnam veterans.
I'm from a house full of D.A. medals,
and antiques from way-back-when
and who-knows-when.
Antiques Road Show was a reoccurring theme.

I'm from old shoes,
and broken smiles.
I'm from never being truly unhappy,
and pointless pop music blaring out of car speakers.
From "Grimm's Fairy Tales" and "Desperaux".
I'm from opaque mirrors and translucent shadows.

I'm from happy, and sad.
Grief, and hope.
Ignorance, and tolerance.
From opposites and similarities.
From Steve and Libby,
the definition of where I'm from.

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Cam_is_Away said...
on Jan. 29 2017 at 6:53 pm
Cam_is_Away, Non, California
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This is so rich in detail and so meaningfully said. The Title "Where I'm From" gives the allusion of a simple answer to a question, but you take it a step further and offer a more colorful scene. It's beautifully written and the flow is mellow to read. The ending gives curt emotions and a bittersweet sense. Fantastic work!