I Am Sad Girl

October 4, 2016
By , Hilmar, CA

There once was a sad girl
Who thought her life was a mess
She blamed herself and became very depressed
Her parents were always angry and this made her stress
When she tried to sleep at night
She would wake up full of fright
This sad girl thought that daddy had left
That the drugs finally got in his head and made him obsessed
She believed no one cared about her
While growing up it felt like a blur
She started wishing she was dead
Every night crying herself to sleep in her bed
Sad girl started to self harm
Wanting to end it all with a firearm
The way she bled made her feel numb
Her skin almost looking like a piece of chewed gum
Never regretting what she did to herself
Because she always said “I did this myself”
Sad girl always wore a mask
Until it was dark and turned to a flask
Begging for a second chance
No one gave her a second glance
Sad girl feels the need to cut
She feels like a door that’s always shut
She died last night
Telling everyone she was alright
They believed her until the end
That is until they found her dead
Cuts on her thighs, with a note at her side
Saying “I’m sorry I lied”

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