Finally Free

October 4, 2016
By , Hilmar, CA

Dear Mom and Dad,

Unaccepted by the world for who I love
Hated by all for dressing like a boy
Not allowed to express my true self
Showing confidence when I wear a tie
Being beat and bullied and abused 
Loving a girl endlessly is seen as a sin
These days it’s getting harder and harder to live
Acceptance is a battle I strive to win
Insults are now numb to me
“You’re going to hell for going against God!”
I wasn’t strong enough to fight back
He cornered me with his gun
Opened fire without thinking twice
Even though you hated who I became
My sorrow filled nights were fought through for you
My life was ripped away from me in cold blood
I hope I can be remembered
For the injustice event that has happened to me
Though I know I will just be remembered
As another gay who has been put to rest
This world started with a bang
Mine ended with one.

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