The Ex lover

October 4, 2016
By Anonymous

I lie awake in my bed depression filled
Wanting my last breath to be soon
But this feeling inside of me won’t
Go away i lost my other half
It cuts deeper than someone stabbing me
I gave everything to be there
I can’t believe it makes me feel this
Deep pain but
It will be okay cause when my time comes
I will be there to watch over her
It's so tough to be strong on my own
I know i am weak
And i am not the strong proud lion
I once was it makes you feel empty
When you lose the one
Who helped you the most it gets easier
Everyday tho but i have to keep going
I know that is what she would want me to do
I hope one day to be forgiven for my mistakes
It is a never ending nightmare wish at times
I could hit that rewind button and make everything right and to her
I am sorry i love her so much
Drugs can’t even fix my issues anymore

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