A Letter To Ten-Year-Old Me

October 4, 2016
By Brianna...J BRONZE, Paragould, Arkansas
Brianna...J BRONZE, Paragould, Arkansas
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Dear Ten-Year-Old Me,



You don't exactly know me

I mean you sort of do

We are very similar in some ways

But we are also very different

You don't know what that means


Let me get on with this

I wrote this letter to give you

Some very important advice



You are special in your own

Stunning way

Don't let anyone tell you differntly

You will always help the underdog

It is part of your kind personality

Don't let anyone take that away



You will not always be

The smartest person in the room

I know this is hard to swallow

But understand that you are not

Defined by a number

On a piece of paper



Mom and Dad are trying their best

They always have good intentions

They aren't trying to upset you

Or make you feel invalid


And lastly,

Don't give up

The next few years

Are going to suck

You will feel useless and helpless

For what seems like forever


Don't let them take your voice

Do not let them put you "in your place"

You are stronger than that

You are worth

Having your own mind


So please hang on

Because there are sunsets you haven't seen

Artwork you haven't admired \

Songs you haven't been able to sing


Keep believeing there is go

Because there is

And soon you will see it

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