The Second Chance

October 4, 2016
By , Conneautville, PA

I look down my failing feet, barely carrying me to the bed
Failing hands that will never know the feel of a break
Failing mind that never stop calculating
Failing eyes that will never see a lovers face
I lay down, knowing I will never stand again, and sleep

when I wake, I stand up
wondering in marvel as my renewed feet carry me away
I walk thankful for the second chance, a opportunity to start anew
looking around, everything undone ready for me
I look out to grasp the world

when I reach the world before me fades
each opportunity backing away
leaving a hole in the world i have created
I reach the end
every light gone out
every chance missed

I look back down to my feet
laying useless before me
knowing they will never carry me to a second chance

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