The Past

October 4, 2016
By , Conneautville, PA

The past lurks, you can't forget it
Screaming the pain you once felt, but won't go away
When you look back, to face it
It cowers showing you that you have won
But then in your time of weakness it rears it's head
Telling you that you will never win
Every story telling you of pain
Every memory cast in the deepest shadow
Every day cursed by the inability to forget

And when you think the pain is through
You can finally move on, another pain
Deeper and fresher than the last, cuts deep within
Removing all hope of victory

And when all light is gone, and you are cursed to live in the painful darkness
There is a ray of hope
The dreams of tomorrow interlace with the pain of the past
The pain is still there, but it cannot win
It gives the motivation to move on, the will to continue
You look deep in the pain, now you see the strength it has given you
The pain of being torn apart giving you the strength to hold on
The pain of being abandoned giving you the strength to be alone
The pain of your heart torn giving you the gentleness to hold another
And you know you don't need your old stories

They will always be with you, but they don't have to be you
You can make a new story
And you can craft that story, building your own path
Making your own place in the world

But you will be in someone else's story
Someone else will see you
They will be changed by you
Will you be the hand of happiness
Or the face of pain?

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