October 4, 2016
By LeilaClain BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
LeilaClain BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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I don't have an explanation for my feelings,
They just happen
It feels like I'm dreaming
But I'm not napping

U wanna know what I'm feeling?
I'm feeling sad
But the scars r slowly healing
Which makes people glad

Tbh, I'm not sure anymore
All Ik is that my positive attitude is a coverup
I'm sure my face is sore
And all the sadness just adds up

I fake a smile
I force a laugh
Ik it's not a lifestyle
And I'm sorry on my behalf

I keep this a secret
And cover it up my feelings
And I add a nice lyric
But the sadness is screaming

It wants to come out
But I can't let it
Then ppl want to know what it's about
It's something I can't admit

I'm crying on the inside
But smiling on the outside
My heart tells me to cry my eyes till they dried
But I have to deny

So what r my feelings?
I feel sad

The author's comments:

This poem talks about the struggle of a consuming sadness and what a girl does to hide it. 

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