October 3, 2016
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I come from a place
  where the sky is blue
             clouds are grey.
I come from a place
  full of virtues and traditions.
Where worry is not in sight.
I come from a place of knowledge and
where discrimination is of the most unheard of.
Love is all that really blossoms.
There are animals, even of the ferocious type
but they do not kill the others.
They feast on the hate entering from another world.
I come from a place
where we do not believe in that other world.
  The truth is that place
   is our own heads.
Sure there is good in this place but
good needs his brother evil to make him look good.
I come from a place where there is some dissatisfaction and lies.
Like I said there is happiness 
but what is happiness if you do not know what is evil and wrong.
I come from a place where my imagination runs wild but
it must be somewhat contained, otherwise
it is not an imagination at all.

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