A Dying Dream

October 3, 2016
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Whatever happened to the dream

that Martin Luther King dreamed?
You know, the dream where all races would see each other as humans,
and forget their differences.
Is that dream still being dreamed?


Because last time that I checked,
white policemen were killing black men,
Leaving red shiny footprints where innocent lives were put to an end.
And racists comments are being rewinded
in the back of people’s heads.


Cruel words shot at the center of the heart,
causing the inner soul to get drenched with emotional thoughts.
People everywhere walking in despair.
Hoping they aren’t the next ones
to experience a physical or inner damage
that no one can repair.


The damage of being locked in four walls,
for the color of their skin.
The damage of receiving the news that
a family member was brutally treated,
and passed away with the feeling of pain.


We, the ones who physically or verbally
do the crime.
We, the ones who don't do anything to stop the crime.
It is we who have the murder weapon,
and the blood of this dream in our hands.
We are killing this dream.

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